Found Coach Carter's Wallet?

If you happened to be on campus lately, you might have found Coach David Carter or Coach Jane Albright's wallet.

Carter's Wallet.jpgThose wallets are part of an innovative marketing campaign Nevada Athletics put together to help raise campus awareness about Wolf Pack men's and women's basketball. The marketing department dropped 250 wallets all over campus, and inside each wallet is an ID for one of the Wolf Pack basketball coaches, a basketball schedule card and a note that directs the finder to turn the wallet into the ticket office. Finders receive Wolf Pack decals and signs and an opportunity to be entered into a drawing for prizes, including gift certificates.

According to Adam Carp, Nevada's director of involvement and promotions, the promotion has brought out the best in people with at least 61 wallets being turned into the ticket office so far.

"I dropped one casually and this student ran right up to me saying I think you dropped your wallet," Carp said. "I told him it was his to keep because being a Good Samaritan and raising awareness about Wolf Pack basketball is what this is all about."

So next time you are on campus, look down and you might find Coach Carter or Albright's wallet too.

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