Governor's Dinner Speaker Doug Gottlieb and the "Douger"

As many of you know, ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb was the speaker at the 44th annual Governor's Dinner last Friday. The evening was a great success, and Gottlieb entertained the audience with a great message about taking advantage of the opportunities in your life when they present themselves.
But Gottlieb's day began much earlier and he had the chance to experience what "One Community, One Pack" is in northern Nevada. Gottlieb had a busy day, arriving on campus at 10:30 a.m., answering questions from the media at a press conference at 11 a.m., heading to the ESPN Radio 94.5 FM studios to do the Doug Gottlieb Show live from Reno from 1-4 p.m. and finally driving to Carson City for the dinner at the Governor's Mansion.

Needless to say, the day's schedule left Gottlieb feeling a bit run down, so as his car pulled into Carson City, he asked Nevada's Senior Associate AD Rory Hickok if they could stop at Starbucks for a little caffeine.

The barista behind the counter saw Gottlieb and said "You're Doug Gottlieb! I was just listening to your show and was thinking 'wouldn't it be great if Doug Gottlieb stopped in on his way to the Governor's Dinner?' I can't believe it!" His manager also heard and recognized Gottlieb's voice and came out to meet him.

Gottlieb ordered his usual coffee, which he calls the "Douger," and signed a Starbucks cup for the staff, kindly checking off all of the ingredients in the "Douger" for them.  He even took a picture of the Starbucks staff and tweeted it.

Definitely a great day for a couple of Wolf Pack and Doug Gottlieb fans and an example of how lucky we are to be able to put on a great event and bring speakers like Gottlieb to our community  every year!

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