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Nevada Athletics Hall of Fame

The University of Nevada Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1973 to honor the school's most accomplished student-athletes, teams, coaches and staff.

Since its inception in 1973, a total of 182 individuals and four teams have been recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Wolf Pack Athletics. Each year, individuals and/or teams are inducted into the Hall of Fame in an induction ceremony and recognized on the field at the Hall of Fame football game.

Plaques honoring each inductee are displayed on the lower level of Legacy Hall and are available for viewing during normal business hours.

Hall of Fame Criteria:

Student-athletes become eligible for induction 10 years after last competing at the university and should have earned All-America, all-region or all-conference honors or have set NCAA, conference or school records. Consideration is also given to individuals who exhibit a high level of professional and personal integrity and contribute to the ideals of their sport or sports.

Coaches become eligible five years after leaving the university and should have produced a career record above .500 and/or produced conference championship teams or teams that advanced to the NCAA competition.

Teams may also be inducted after last winning a championship 10 years ago. Only teams that won NCAA or regional championships will be considered.

Special consideration may also be given to honor and enshrine other staff members and supporters of the program who have made significant contributions by supporting, promoting or furthering athletics at the University of Nevada in a non-coaching or non-playing role.

Silver & Blue Service Award
The Silver and Blue Service Award honors dedicated individuals who have volunteered their time and efforts in the Wolf Pack support areas, such as game operations and statistics crews, over the years. Anyone who has volunteered for Wolf Pack Athletics is eligible for this award.

Nominations are accepted year-round and may be sumibtted to Senior Associate Athletics Director Rhonda Bennett, who chairs the Hall of Fame committee

Nevada Athletics Hall of Fame All-Time Inductees

Jim Bailey (1926-30/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)
Joe Bliss (1959-60/Boxing)
James Bradshaw (1919-23/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)
Max Dodge (1945-49/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)
Dodie Post Gann (1943-47/Skiing)
Stan Heath (1947-48/Football)
Tom Kalmanir (1946-48/Football, Track & Field)
Glen (Jake) Lawlor (1926-30, 42-69 Football, Basketball, Coach)
Marion Motley (1940-42/Football)
Bob O'Shaughnessy (1944-49/Basketball)
Ed Reed Sr. (1919-23/Football, Basketball)
Silas Ross (1903-09/Football, Coach, Regent)
Noble Waite (1920-24/Basketball)

Roy Bankofier (1930-32/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)
Leslie Harrison (1922-24/Football, Basketball)
Harry Frost (1925-26/Football, Board of Athletic Control)
Mills Lane (1960-61/Boxing)
Dan Orlich (1947-49/Football, Basketball)
John Polish (1938-42/Football, Track & Field)
Wayne Poulsen (1935-38/Skiing)
Walter Powers (1936-40/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)
Chester Scranton (1921-24, 29-30/Football, Basketball, Coach)

Mert Baxter (1951-52/Football, Basketball)
Tom Cashill (1932-34/Football)
Sam Marcias (1953-56/Boxing)
Doc Martie (1924-59/Coach, Administrator)
William Martin (1919-22/Football, Basketball)
Dick Trachok (1946-49,59-86/Football, Track, Coach, A.D.)

Vic Carroll (1930-34/Football, Basketball)
Jack Hill (1930-33/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)
Doug Ketron (1960-63/Track & Field)
Bill Mackrides (1942-46/Football)
Jim Melarkey (1942-47/Basketball, Track & Field)

Scott Beasley (1946-49/Football, Basketball)
Buster McClure (1944-47/Football, Basketball)
Jim Olivas (1929-30,50-85/Boxing, Coach)
Kenyan Richard (1935-36/Track & Field)
Jack Walther (1926-30/Football)
Edwin Whitehead (1925-29/Football, Basketball, Track & Field)

Otis Burrell (1964-67/Track & Field)
Doug Byington (1950-53/Boxing)
R.E. Courtwright (1919-23/Coach)
Joe Libke (1947-50/Basketball)
Hollis McKinnon (1934-37/Football)

Jim Aiken (1939-46/Football Coach)
Pat Brady (1949-50/Football)
Ted Contri (1954-56/Boxing)
Hal Fisher (1946-48/Basketball)

None Selected

Fred Dallimore (1963-66/Baseball)
Wes Goodner (1940-41/Football)
Terry Hermeling (1968-69/Football)

Ty Cobb (1937-60/Sportswriter)
Joe Keshmiri (1969-70/Track & Field)
Jim Whitaker (1958-60/Football, Baseball)

Alex Boyd (1967-69/Basketball)
Bill Marioni (1969-72/Football, Boxing, Track & Field)
William Parish (1942-46/Football, Donor)

None Selected

John Griffin (1929-32/Football, Basketball)
Greg Grouwinkel (1972-74/Football)
William Morris (1946-49/Football, Regent 70-74)
Domingo Tibaduiza (1971-74/Track & Field, Cross Country)

Richard Dankworth (1957-68/Track & Field, Ass't. Football Coach)
Creighton J. Nady (1966-69/Football, Boxing)
Humbeto Serrano Jr. (1967-70/Track & Field, Boxing, Gymnastics)

Peter Duffy (1969-72/Cross Country, Track & Field)
Lane Monroe (1962-66/Skiing, Football)
Ken Sinofsky (1944-49/Football, Basketball, Baseball)

Candy Oliver Borda (1969-73/Gymnastics)
Pete Padgett (1972-76/Basketball)
Jeff Tisdel (1974-77/Football)

Ann Belikow Ballatore (1977-79/Swimming & Diving)
Doug Betters (1977/Football)
Jack Cook (1968-88/Coach of Men's Cross Country, Track)
Edgar Jones (1975-79/Basketball)
Val York (1958-61/Basketball, Baseball)

R.G. Pat Myers (1950-54/Skiing)
Ed Plank (1971-73/Baseball, Football)
Peter Sinnott (1967-72/Track & Field, Cross Country)
Jack Spencer (1959-89/Basketball Coach)
Tom Wysocki (1974-78/Cross Country, Track & Field)

James Curry (1977-78/Football)
Dr. Jerry Dales (1973-94/Team Physician)
Johnny High (1977-79/Basketball)
Bob Robinett (1938-40/Football)
1979 Women's Swimming & Diving Team

Frank Hawkins (1977-80/Football)
Napoleon Montgomery (1963-66/Basketball, Track & Field)
Chelton Leonard (1950,53-64/Skiing, Ski Coach)
John Robb (1934-38/Basketball, Football)
Patty Sheehan (1977-78/Golf)

Chris Ault (1965-67,76-Present/Football, Football Coach, A.D.)
Skip Houk (1962-64/Boxing, Track & Field, Cross Country)
Jeff Wright (1976-79/Football)
Eric Sanders (1976-80/Football)

Billy Allen (1981-83/Basketball)
Marv Byars (1949-52/Track & Field, Basketball)
Dave Clapham (1972-74/Football, Boxing)
Bob Fairman (1948-50,72-86/Tennis Coach)

Sherman Howard (1947-48/Football, Track & Field)
Charles Mann (1980-82/Football)
Karen Petterson (1978-80/Swimming & Diving)

Derek Kennard (1981-83/Football)
John Legarza (1952-58,75-94/Basektball, Golf Coach)
Larry Moore (1963-66/Basketball, Track & Field)
Tony Zendejas (1981-83/Football)

1997 & 1998
None Selected

Eric Beavers (1983-86/Football)
Kelly Dick Orlich (1981-83/Softball)

Karen Kostelyk (1979-83/Swimming & Diving)
Rob Richie (1983-87/Baseball)
Robert Ritchie (1959-61/Track & Field, Basketball)
Henry Rolling (1983-86/Football)
Kirk Triplett (1981-85/Golf)

Charvez Foger (1985-88/Football)
Bernard Ellison (1986-88,'90/Football)
Derrick May (1981-84/Track & Field, Cross Country)
Dan Sullivan (1950,55-57/Basketball)

Matt Clafton (1988-91/Football)
Neil Hulbert (1987-90/Football)
Glen Jobe (1971-72/Skiing)

Kevin Soares (1989-1992/Basketball)
Robbin Thein (1982-1985/Swimming & Diving)
Todd Wilcks (1978-1981/Football)

Enoch Borozinski (1992-1994/Track & Field)
Greg Rea (1982-1985/Football)
Bryan Reeves (1991-1993/Football)
Chris Vargas (1990-1993/Football)

Sonny Allen (1980-87 Men's Basketball Coach)
Michael "Fly" Gray (1977-79 Basketball)
Shahriar Pourdanesh (1990-92 Football)
Jim Stassi (1981-82 Baseball)

Brock Marion (1989-92 Football)
Ali McKnight (1991-95/Track & Field)
John Ramatici (1980-81/Football)
Chris Singleton (1992-93/Football & Baseball)

Kamy Keshmiri (Men's Track & Field/1990-92)
Mike Schellin (Boxing/1966-68)
Chris Starr (Women's Basketball/1982-86)
Alex Van Dyke (Football/1994-95)
Marty Zendejas (Football/1984-87)

Tiffany Neumeier Breeden (Volleyball/1994-97)
James Cannida (Football/1994-97)
Andy Dominique (Baseball/1994-97)
Bill Ireland (Head Baseball Coach & Asst. Football Coach/1960-67)
1956 Rifle Team

Lise Mackie (Swimming/1995-98)
DeShone Myles (Football/1994-97)
Bill Nicholson (Men's Basketball/1963-66)
Bob Rautio (Track & Field/1961, 1967-68)
Susan Eisele Whitehouse (Swimming & Diving/1995-99)
Jerry Ballew (Swimming & Diving Coach/1976-83, 1985-86)

Trevor Insley (Football/1996-99)
Mark Lewis (Baseball/1993-94)
Limin Liu (Swimming & Diving/1998-2000)
Lyle Overbay (Baseball/1996-99)
Dawn Pitman (Women's Basketball/1986-90)
Tony Shaw (Football/1980-83)

Suzy Catterson Kole (Swimming & Diving/1996-99)
Joe Inglett (Baseball/1997-2000)
Geoff Noisy (Football/1995-98)
Suzanne Stonebarger Barnes (Volleyball/1998-2001)
Treamelle Taylor (Football/1989-90)

Jennifer Ashcroft (Track & Field/1999-2002)
Nate Burleson (Football/1999-2002)
Tracey King (Women's Tennis/1988-92)
Mike Maxwell (Football/1993-95)
Don Price (Baseball/1997-00)
Angie Yoon Adams (Women's Golf/1997-2001)

Michael Allen (Men's Golf/1978-82)
John Dutton (Football/1996-97)
Terina Cook Dutton (Swimming & Diving/Track & Field/1995-2000)
Katerina Hanusova Nash (Skiing/2001-02)
Trent Johnson (Men's Basketball Coach/1999-2004)
Chris Lemon (Football/1996-99)
Justin Martin (Baseball/1996-99)
Kate Smith (Women's Basketball/1999-03)

1990 Football Team
Jorge Cordova (Football/2000-03)
Chance Kretschmer (Football/2001-04)
Michelle More Williams (Volleyball/1999-2002)
Lang Rao (Swimming & Diving/1997-99)

1994 Baseball Team
Ieesha Donadelle Cannida – Women’s Basketball (1994-98)
Kevinn Pinkney – Men’s Basketball (2001-05)
Darrell Rasner – Baseball (2000-02)
Jia Lin Sun – Swimming & Diving (1997-2000)
Ryan Tanoue - Rifle (2002-05)

The 2003-04 Men's Basketball Team
Rich Barcelo – Men’s Golf (1996-99)
Mike Crawford – Football (1993-96)
Salaia Salave’a – Volleyball & Women’s Basketball (2002-06)
Harvey Dahl – Football (2001-04)
Mark Fox – Men’s Basketball coach (2000-09)
Jim Puzey – Baseball (1982-85)

Silver & Blue Service Award
Jim Gardner
Brian Whalen

Gregg Zive
Chris West

Student-Athlete of the Week Athlete of the Week

2016-17 Student Athlete of the Week

Women's Swimming & Diving
Sharae Zheng

After sweeping all three diving competitions, Sharae Zheng helped lead the Pack to a third place finish at the 2017 Mountain West Championships. Not only did she become just the third diver in MW history to win all three events, Zheng finished the weekend setting two MW records. As a program, the Pack has now won 14 of the 15 diving events at the championships, since Nevada joined the MW five years ago.

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