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Alpha Wolves

What are the Alpha Wolves?

The Alpha Wolves are the heart and soul of the Blue crew. The Alpha Wolves are committed members of Blue crew who volunteer their time, effort, and spirit to enhance the core of Blue Crew and to enhance the overall student experience on game days. This summer, 30 Blue Crew members were selected, based on their attendance at games last year and their spirit, to be a part of the inaugural Alpha Wolves. Requirements for becoming an Alpha Wolf:

  • Attendance at BOTH Blue Crew Meetings.
  • Help with Paint the N event.
  • Help distribute rewards at TWO games
  • Help with pep rallies throughout the year.
  • Week of game promoting on campus.
  • Lead chants and cheers during games and help sing alma mater after games.
  • Tailgate before football games.

Look out for the 2013-14 Alpha Wolves in the student section leading chants! 

If you are interested in being a Alpha Wolf in the 2014-15 season, please email