Amanda Gentry Studies Abroad in the Czech Republic

RENO, Nev. – University of Nevada high jumper Amanda Gentry (Reno, Nev.) spent over a month in Europe this summer studying abroad in the Czech Republic.  During her travels, Gentry also visited: Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany and Copenhagen Denmark.


“The thing I liked most about studying abroad was experiencing the different culture and lifestyle,” Gentry said.  “It was amazing to see how many similarities there were but how different it was at the same time.”


Gentry was in Europe from May 20 to July 1.  While there, Gentry attended Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and took a culture class.  The study abroad program was organized through Nevada’s University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC).


“The study abroad program was through USAC,” Gentry said.  “I really wanted to travel this summer and I thought the best way was through the university to help me organize a trip and also gain credit for school.”


A typical day for Gentry on days she had class was to wake up and go over her assigned readings.  She would take public transportation to class or to another meeting spot and after class, she along with a few others, would eat lunch and go tour the city. In the evenings, Gentry would go to jazz clubs or other clubs that were recommended to the group by the professor or other locals.


There were about 25 students from all over the United States who studied with Gentry during her stay.  Gentry shared an apartment with four other girls who were also in the USAC program. 


In addition to touring the major tourist spots in Prague, Gentry also visited an underground recording studio which was used during communism in 1980s when it was illegal for many local bands to perform or practice. She also visited the legalized spot for graffiti.


“I would recommend traveling as it is an amazing opportunity to experience different lifestyles and a different way of life,” Gentry said.  “I think I will remember the people who I met in Prague the most. It will be hard to forget the people who I spent most of my time with.”


Gentry, who will be a junior in the fall, is majoring in elementary education.  One of her future goals is to continue traveling to different countries with friends and family.



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