Mandy Russ

Why did you choose Nevada?

I choose Nevada because I liked Coach Elias a lot and I liked the look of Reno, the outdoors and the fact that it is not a big city. There are mountains and forests around for us to run in.

What has been a highlight of your career at Nevada?

Running #1 for our cross-country team at the Stanford invitational. Our team had a rough race there, but it was the first time since being injured a lot for the previous two years that I felt like I raced hard and smart, and contributed to the team when they needed me. I was just really proud of the efforts I had put in over the summer.

What are your goals for this season?

My goals are to PR in all my events I compete in and score big points at conference. Its my last season, I just want to run fast.

What meet are you most looking forward to this year?'

Outdoor conference in Louisiana, my parents and grandparents are flying in from New Zealand to watch my last competition. This will be the first time they have seen me race in America, in New Zealand at least one of my parents tried to make it to every race....I just want to make them proud. :) 



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