Mizyuk Pulls Off Big Upset at Cal

BERKELEY, Calif. Nevada sophomore Maria Mizyuk started off the spring tennis season with a bang on Friday at the Cal Invitational

Mizyuk, who is ranked No. 48 in the nation in the recent ITA Rankings, knocked off Cal’s Susie Babos, the 10th-ranked player in the country at the Hellman Tennis Complex. Mizyuk took the match in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2.

“That was an amazing performance by Maria,” third-year Nevada coach Sylvain Malroux said. “It was the best victory in her collegiate career.”

Wolf Pack freshman Florence DeVrye was another winner on Friday as she topped Cal’s Bojana Bobusic, 6-1, 7-6 (2) in the round robin singles. Bobusic is ranked No. 31 in the nation.

“That was a great win for her and I am really pleased with her play,” Malroux said.

In doubles, Nevada’s duo of Mizyuk and Caroline Bailly, which is ranked No. 32 in the nation, went up against the top ranked team in the country on Friday in Fresno State’s Melania Gloria and Tinesta Rowe. But the Pack fell in a hard-fought match, 8-6.

“Overall, it was a good day and very encouraging for the upcoming semester,” Malroux said. His team is ranked 66th in the country.

Tournament play resumes on Saturday.


Friday ITA Singles -- Round Robin 1

NEV Maria Mizyuk d. CAL Suzi Babos 6-2;6-3

CAL Marina Cossou d. Nev Caroline Bailly 6-3;6-1

CAL Cristina Visico d. NEV Alice Hall 6-4;6-1

CAL Claire Ilcinkas d. NEV Ly-Huong Dinh 6-2;6-0

NEV Florence DeVrye d. CAL Bojana Bobusic 6-1;7-6(2)

CAL Steph. Kusano d. NEV Audrey Bardot 6-1;6-0

FS Melanie Gloria d. SM Jessica Hoath 6-0;6-4

FS AnastasPetukhova d. SM Alexandra Poorta 7-6(2);4-6;6-2

FS Renata Kucerkova d. SM Claire Soper 6-3;6-1

FS Tinesta Rowe d. SM Marah Calvo 6-4;6-2

FS Danon Beatty d. SM Stef Ordoveza 7-5;6-3

FS Jacqui Haskett, Fresno State d. SM Nienke Strijbis 6-3;6-3

FS Vanessa Heroux d. SM Erin Young 2-6;6-3;6-3

SM Feline Charlot d. FS Bruna Paes 6-3;6-3

Friday ITA Doubles -- Round Robin 1

CAL Steph. Kusano - CAL Suzi Babos d. SM Jessica Hoath - SM Nienke Strijbis 8-2

CAL Claire Ilcinkas - CAL Marina Cossou d. SM Alexandra Poorta - SM Marah Calvo 8-4

CAL Cristina Visico - CAL Bojana Bobusic d. SM Claire Soper - SM Stef Ordoveza 8-2

SM Erin Young - SM Feline Charlot d. CAL Daron Moore - CAL Rachael Dillon 8-6

FS Melanie Gloria - FS Tinesta Rowe d. Nev Caroline Bailly - NEV Maria Mizyuk 8-6

FS AnastasPetukhova - FS Renata Kucerkova d. NEV Alice Hall - NEV Ly-Huong Dinh 8-1

FS Danon Beatty - FS Vanessa Heroux d. NEV Audrey Bardot - NEV Florence DeVrye 8-3



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