Nevada divers experience China during the break

Nevada divers in China during the break.

Jan. 6, 2014

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We spent our New Years flying somewhere over China which was fun! As soon as we got to the hotel we were greeted by coach Jian Li You's whole family which was so exciting because we hear about them all the time, but finally meeting them was such a great experience. Essentially no one speaks English here so we are very lucky to have Jian Li and Grace to help lead us!

We went to the dryland training facility the first day to meet the Chinese coaches and divers. Very cool to see the different training schedules they have compared to us only training twice a day. They train for about eight hours a day and live in dorms at the pool. Today we got into the water and practiced platform. The pool is very nice and all the springboards and platforms are beautiful. They have many more boards than we do!

Yesterday we went shopping in the streets and we experienced some major culture shock! There are so many more people here than in Reno. The streets were packed. We toured a little through the markets and spent some time picking up souvenirs for friends and family back home! There is a lot of shopping around here.

We are staying in the Shanghai Olympic Hotel and the pool is right beside it which is very convenient.

Food has also been a huge culture shock for us. We are already ready to eat McDonalds and it's our second day here. We are having a hard time with that! There are so many different types of strange foods here that we would never even consider eating in the US. The first night at dinner they ordered lung soup. Safe to say that we stayed far away from that and stuck to the noodles.



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