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Nevada Softball Postseason Blog

Starting with the WAC Tournament, the members of Nevada's senior class will take turns blogging throughout the postseason run for the Nevada softball tournament.

Friday, May 15, 8:30 p.m., Palo Alto, Calif.

Hey Pack fans!
We arrived here in beautiful Palo Alto, CA on Wednesday.  The drive seemed long, but we had some good movies on hand, and when we got to the hotel everyone got a great nights sleep.  Thursday, we woke up, practiced, and were fortunate enough to get to take in a Giants game!  We were all so excited, especially Mo Beach, since she is a huge fan.  Unfortunately for Mo, the Mets came away with the win, but we all still had a great time.   Everyone was a huge fan of the garlic fries, cotton candy, and the transient with a sign saying “Betcha’ can’t hit me with a quarter!”  San Francisco is definitely a one-of-a-kind place.
Today we started out with a bang in our first game of the 2009 NCAA tournament.  Everyone was so pumped up going into todaybut this year we all knew how to handle our nerves.  Although there may have been a few hiccups, everyone battled and didn’t let any of the pressure affect us.  Katie threw another great game and kept the Mustangs off balance all day.  We wanted revenge from our last meeting with Cal Poly when we were shut out, and we got itour big Pack bats were out in full effect today.  Everybody is rallying together and giving it everything we have.
After the game, we were greeted by our families and friends who were lucky enough to make the trip.  They were all very excited for our win.  Since we were all starving (and who are we kidding, we ALWAYS are hungry), we headed straight to Buca di Beppo for a nice meal.  We all ateA LOT.  Towards the end of my meal, I was staring off distractedly towards the bathrooms when I it couldn’t it? IT WAS.  Steve Young.  One of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history was less than 10 feet from me.  I couldn’t believe it. I was so starstruck I could barely speak!   After I was able to catch my breath,  I started yelling to Jessica Haight so she could see who it was.  Jess and her parents were able to strike up a conversation with him (lucky!) and he asked what time we were playing the next day, and where the field is.  So...we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that the great Steve Young might grace us with his presence tomorrow when we hit the field at noon.  If that doesn’t give you readers even  more of an incentive to hurry out to Palo Alto to catch our gamesI don’t know what will. Not only did he ask about our team, but Mr. Young was holding his infant son in a carrier and drove a mini-van! It doesn’t get more down to earth and personable than that.  It really hit home for Britton Murdock when he even went so far as to lament that he knew what she was going through with her broken handhe’d “gotten hurt before the Big Game before, it’s just the worst”.  It must mean a little bit more coming from Steve Young than most anyone else.
Well, it’s time to sign off for now, got shower and hit the sack! Looking forward to updating you soon with another Pack win!

Brittany Puzey

Wednesday, May 13, 10 a.m., Reno, Nev.

Hello again Wolf Pack Fans!

We have only been back in Reno for three days and what a schedule we have all had. After coming back from an unfortunate loss in Fresno, it was time for us all to start thinking about finals (at least for a couple days). Some of us were done with school Monday night, others last night and Noelle is finishing up her last one today. Going into the NCAA tournament, we won’t have to worry about school, which is so great!

Sarah Hunt and I are the two seniors who are graduating this semester. So, after last night, we were both done with school -- for me, probably for a long time, but Hunt is heading to firefighting school very soon. Sarah got in to the National Guard and I got a job as a Sales Associate with Frito Lay. So when is graduation? Yup, you guessed it! This Saturday and since we’ll be in regionals we won’t be able to go, but both of us have worked our whole lives to make it to the World Series and this is the next step toward that goal.

Although we have had to worry about finals and graduation, we all have regionals on our mind! We all met at Bully’s on Sunday night to watch the ESPN Selection Show. This year was different for us though because this time it wasn’t a question of whether or not we were going; it was a question of where we are going to be sent. When we saw ourselves on the bracket going to Stanford, we all cheered. Stanford is close to home and we feel like it puts us in a position to do some really great things. After cheering and watching the rest of the selection show, we all “threw down” some really great food from Bully’s and talked about how anxious and excited we are about where we are going.

Practice yesterday was great, the whole team worked really hard to get better so that we’re all ready to contribute this weekend. One more practice today and then it is time for another bus ride to Stanford. Everyone is really excited to play and I promise we will come up with some new quirks this weekend to share with you.

Interesting fact- We are obsessed with Chuck Norris. If you’ve ever been to our games you probably know, but we consider him our “Softball God” and salute him whenever something happens in the game to save us, like an error by the other team.

That’s all for now- Talk to you all in Palo Alto!

Katie Stith #44


Saturday, May 9, 9:30 a.m., Fresno, Calif.

Good morning Wolf Pack fans!  It’s going to be 90 degrees in Fresno todaywhat a great day to play some Nevada softball. 

 Senior outfielder Brittany Puzey

Ahhhh...Championship Saturday!  Everyone is psyched and ready for action.  All of the seniors are already very proud because in our four year tenure, we have made it to the championship game of this tournament EVERY YEAR.  And look out fansthe Pack isn’t finished just yet.  We’re ready to dig deep today and come away with a WAC tournament championship!

If you were wondering what happened when we got knocked into the losers bracket the other day, don’t worry, we’re back.  Whatever you call itsparkle, self-assuredness, confidence, swaggerthe Pack has put that little something extra back in it’s arsenal and we’re going to be scary to watch.  We’re playing like ourselves, and even back to making up our signature dorky, silly, Nevada cheers. Last night Britton Murdock started a few good luck rallies with our new cheer “Put your paws in the air if you got em’!”, accompanied by us putting our hands in the air and shaping them like wolf paws, and of course, silly dance moves.  Oddly enough, it’s stuff like this that really is what gets us going!

Everyone got some rest last night, and some took ice baths in the hotel bathtubs (Hey, we have to make do with what we have!)  while Holvycat and Malfoy (some of our nicknames we have for Holverson and Darby) iced up their valuable arms.  I can already see Holvycat sharpening her claws for today’s alley cat fight with the opponents, and the White Witch brandishing some new spells on those batters!  Everyone is a little banged up and bruised but our adrenaline is pumping and no one even feels the pain.

Well fans, breakfast is at 10 o’clock, so it’s time to sign off for now.  Gotta head to Holvycat’s den to get my hair braided and do our makeup (yes, for some of us, that is actually important). Can’t wait to update you after two great games of Nevada softball.



Friday, May 8, 11 p.m., Fresno Calif.

Its 11 p.m.and Nevada softball is on a high! We just played 19 innings today, taking out La Tech, who has put us in the loser’s bracket, and Hawaii. So now we are in the championship games against Fresno tomorrow. A fun fact that I’d like to tell you Pack fans is that this is the fourth straight year that Nevada has been in the championship of the conference tournament and that is something that all of us seniors are very proud of. I definitely think we need a 'YOW PACK' for that! Well, we are all beat and need to get some rest for the big games tomorrow! And, just if you were wondering ... the PACK is BACK!!


Friday, May 8, 12 p.m., Fresno, Calif.

Hey there Pack fans, it’s Lil Kym again. So today before the game some of the seniors decided to make a sweet surprise for the rest of the team. We decided to go to 7-11, which is right by our hotel, and buy candy. The special part about the whole thing is that we bought a candy that represented each teammate. We then had a team meeting where we passed out the candy and gave an explanation as to why the candy represented a specific player. An example for you would be what we bought for Britton Murdock which was Lifesavers. The reasoning behind this was because she’s the girl who we want up to bat when the game is on the line; she’s the player that will always keep Nevada afloat. Another example would be for Noelle Micka -- we picked Snickers. Now I don’t know if you’ve just sat back and watched Noelle but sometimes that girl just needs a moment, especially after a foul ball back at her. Well, it's lunch time and afterwards, it's game time. Better watch out, Hawaii, cause here comes the PACK!


Friday, May 8, 10:30 a.m., Fresno, Calif.

Good morning Pack fans, it’s Lil Kym here.

If you don’t know me, I’m the short one on the team -- sometimes mistaken for the batgirl! Anyway, it’s 10:30 am and the majority of my teammates are probably just waking up as we had a long day yesterday. We lost early in the day to Louisiana Tech but we came back to beat New Mexico State last night. Actually that reminds me...never, and I mean NEVER, wake up a sleeping centerfielder. It was 10 a.m. and some of us got a little bored and decided it would be funny to jump on Sarah Hunt’s bed to wake her up. Now I’ve had nightmares before but the sight of any angry Hunt has literally traumatized me. I can’t go into detail because I don’t want to scare you fans away but I’ll let you know everyone is recovering fine and no infielders were hurt during the incident. Other than the fun of waking each other, everyone is just getting ready for Game Day!!

Kym Silagyi, #2


Thursday, May 7, 11:45 p.m., Fresno, Calif.

Hey Pack fans...well again we beat New Mexico State and knocked them out of the tournament!!! Our new YOW dance was out in full force today. We made individual dances for this cheer...we count to 3, yell YOW, and everyone busts out a single dance move definitely pumped us up! (Our team is far from normal!)
Today we listened to new songs on the ride, along with some of our favorites...Korn- (Coming Undone), Right Round (Flo Rida), Aint No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye) and, of course, It’s Tricky (RUN DMC). The last one is a song that we’ve turned into a cheer for Amanda Nims and is a ritual we do in the outfield before every game. If you take a look in the outfield and happen to see us in a circle dancing, we are more than likely doing the NIMSY dance.
We went to Chipotle tonight for dinner one of our favorite places. We eat Mexican a lot between Chipotle and Qdoba! For some reason the steak was super spicy tonight and poor Sam was dying...with every bite it brought tears to her eyes. It was probably the funniest thing that has happened today. She would take a bite of her tacos and then a big gulp of her drink to swallow her whole bite so she would not taste it. We all were intensely watching her, poor kid!
We had a dance-off tonight in our rooms... no one got in trouble, yes we were behaving!!! It was hilarious but I have to say I am glad we play softball
Well Pack fans I am signing off. See you all tomorrow and for those who can not be here thank you for following us the best that you can!!!

Sarah Hunt

Thursday, May 7, 4 p.m., Fresno, Calif.

Well, good afternoon Pack fans...what a wonderful morning we headed across the street to a bagel and smoothie shop for breakfast. After breakfast the usual

 Sarah Hunt

few met early for a hack season before we got on the bus. On the way we bumped our music and got ready for the game. Our hack game was the best we have had during warm-ups no one fell or got sniped as Kym did yesterday by the bucket of balls.
For those of you who don’t know what happened Kym was chasing a fly ball down during warm ups, everyone cheering her on and Mo (Beach) was standing right there and watched Kym run right into the bucket. But to her benefit, she kept her feet until the bucket swooped around, took her feet from under her and knocked her flat on her back. To add to that, Puzey tossed in a ball that rolled and hit her in the head.
The game was rough for us today, Nevada softball likes to make it interesting. The bus ride was quite on the way to Port of Subs, as we are pretty disappointed.
Oh man, people better be ready for the Pack tonight because here comes the swagger and the Pack everyone knows-we are back ready to make history!!!!! YOW
More coming after tonight’s game,
Sarah Hunt.

Wednesday, May  6, 10 p.m. Fresno, Calif.

Hello Wolf Pack Fans!

It’s about 10:00 pm and we just got back to the hotel from dinner at Marie Callendar’s...many laughs as usual. We are all in a good mood of course....One win down!

Tonight was a really great game for us in so many ways but ultimately it came down to timely hits and a great pitching performance by Katie Holverson. This win is great motivation for us to take on through the rest of the tournament. The weather was great today and our hacky game was at its best during our warm-up, which always means that we play well. Anissa, our equipment manager, set up our stereo and we even got to listen to music when we warmed-up. I was Sarah Hunt’s target today, but managed to make it through the whole game, Kelsey Starr didn’t enjoy it quite as much though. If anyone ever notices black spots on our is evidence of a really intense game of hacky sack.

I forgot to mention earlier that the Beach, Puzey, and Nunn family made us gift bags that had “Nevada Softball” pillow cases in them and many other goodies...such a great gift! Then, tonight, Coach Meuchel’s parents, Dennis and Mary, gave us a bunch of homemade cookies that we all really love. There wasn’t really very much that happened since I last blogged except Darby was wondering why there isn’t an Offensive Player of The Year award because she would definitely get it . She also created a bird call during our game that we will all probably have to hear for the rest of the season. Oh yeah, Puzey randomly yelled “YOW” in her dream last weekend when we were in San Jose and it has been an ongoing “holler” throughout the last week with the whole team. So, tonight we created a new cheer that involves all of us yelling “Yow” and doing some kind of crazy move. It was really funny and we will probably unveil it for everyone tomorrow, so be on the look out. Yes, we are crazy and these are the kind of things we do in our spare time...yes, it is also finals week. Well, time to sign-off I need to break up a towel war that is going on with my roommates (Kym and Hunt) next door. My blog day is over, but I’ll be back next weekend for regionals... Kym will be the “blogger” tomorrow for our match-up with the Techsters.

Thanks again for all of your support and Go Pack!

Katie Stith #44


Wednesday, May 6, 1:45 p.m. Fresno, Calif.

Well, it’s time for the second-annual blog...this year, done by the seniors. For Wednesday, it’s me...Katie Stith.

 Senior catcher Katie Stith

Yesterday was mainly a day of traveling (and watching Twilight, one of our team favorites- well, for most of us) and when we got to Fresno we had a short practice to prepare for the week. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we went to a Mexican restaurant and were treated with (virgin) strawberry daiquiri’s...haha such a treat! Some of the girls ordered burritos that were about 12 inches long (not intentionally) and Nims, of all the girls on the team, almost finished the whole was pretty funny. Our music went with us everywhere, of course. Mel (Assistant coach Melanie Meuchel) brought her iPod speaker that we can transport on the bus and out to the field, so we’re pretty excited about that.
This blog wouldn’t be much of a blog without talking about Hacky Sack. Whenever we have a spare minute...we play Sack em. For those of you not familiar with it, basically 3 different people “hacky”, or kick the hacky sack, and the third person can catch is and throw it at somebody. Normally, it isn’t very soft...and yes, we form alliances. It is SO competitive but it pumps us up. Well, at least until Sarah Hunt throws the hacky and hits you square in the back, then often times some people walk out of the circle because they don’t find the game very fun :)
We all got a good night’s rest last night, and we are so excited for GAME DAY. We got up and got ready to go to the WAC banquet. We are extremely happy for all of our awardwinners -- they definitely deserve to be honored. Now, we’re at the hotel preparing ourselves for New Mexico State. They’re a good team, but we know if we bring our “A” game we’ll come out on always. (Sports information director) Chad (Hartley) made signs for our bus that are so appropriate, they say “Championship Play Begins in May”. I’m sure many of you have heard of it, but it is so true. We still have quite a long road ahead of us but for our team, post-season play starts now because winning WAC tournament is the second step (first being regular season champions) in a series of many goals.
Well, time to get ready to go, hacky time starts at 2:00 and we gotta get in every minute possible. Thanks for all of you who are following Wolf Pack softball and you’ll have another blog update tonight!

Until then...
Katie Stith #44