Softball Insider: Katie Holverson

My favorite pre-game ritual is: hackey sack
My teammates would best describe me as: A good listener
The best place on campus is: The softball field
What I like most about my hometown is: It's nice and hot!
Favorite thing about being at Nevada is: It isn't too far from home and the friends I've made.
If I wasn't playing college softball I would be: living in Arizona, doing what, I'm not sure?
A place I've never been but would love to visit: Ireland
Favorite class: Advanced Human Sexuality
Favorite food: Mexican
Least favorite food: Anything seafood
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite movie: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Favorite actor: Gerard Butler
Favorite actress: Kate Hudson
Favorite TV show: Keeping up with the Kardashians
Most prized possession: My engagment ring
Where I want to be 10 years from now: Successful and happy
If I could add one team to the schedule it would be: LSU
Favorite singer or group: Black Eyed Peas
I wear my number because: I always have
Favorite song: Best Friend- Tim McGraw
Favorite junk food: Brownies
Most impressive person you know: My brother. He can do whatever he puts his mind to.
Person you would most like to trade places with for a day: Kim Kardashian
Person who has most influenced your athletic career: Both my Dad and Mom, they pushed me to be my best.
The best advice you have ever been given: Don't stress about the little things.
Why did you choose to attend Nevada: I wanted to help build a program and it is close to my family.
Something people would be surprised to know about me: My hair is naturally this blonde!
If I could have dinner with any two people in history it would be: Marlilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth
My greatest athletic accomplishment to date is: WAC Pitcher of the Year 2009
If I won $1 million I would: Buy my parents a new house, buy myself a car, and get my fiance and me an amazing house. If there's any left over... Travel!
A friend from another college softball team is: K'Lee Arredondo from Arizona
My favorite sport other than softball is: Baseball
If you could have any car, what would it be: a lexis
My advice to kids is: Always have fun and do what you love.
What is the most played song in your music library: I listen to the radio mostly.
What was your favorite childhood toy: Barbie
My biggest fan: My Mom, Dad and Grandparents.
Individual goals for the season: Finish giving it everything I have.
Biggest pet peeve: When people are eating and their spit gets stuck on the food.
If I could be on a reality TV show it would be: The Hills
Extreme sport I would like to try: Sky diving
If stranded on a deserted island, three things I would take with me: Ezra, my dog, and a speed boat.