Wolf Pack Softball Senior Profile: Chelsea Barilli

April 5, 2013

For each of the next four weeks, one Nevada senior softball player will be featured in a Wolf Pack Senior Profile. These question and answer sessions with the Nevada Media Services staff will center on the experience of a Nevada Softball player and the program's change and improvement in recent seasons.

Chelsea Barilli is the second senior to be profiled. With 15 games remaining in her final season, Barilli has made 137 appearances in a Wolf Pack uniform with 107 starts. Always a threat on the base paths, she has only been caught stealing four times in her career in 33 attempts.

What has your senior season been like to this point?

The one word that comes to mind is fun. It is so much fun to be winning games and playing well as a team.

Talk more about the team. What does it mean to you to be playing well as a team?

Everybody is playing up to their ability, and so our confidence is building, both individually and as a group. That kind of confidence is bouncing from one player to the next and it is a big part of why we have been successful as a group.

How has that affected the atmosphere around the program?

Everyone is working together, our chemistry is great. Part of that is because we have a lot of players from last season, but the newcomers have blended right in and they have performed on the field just like everyone else has, so it has been great.

Personally, what has been the best part of being a Wolf Pack softball player?

The bus trips are always fun. This year it was probably our away tournaments to start the season. We were playing well and improving game-by-game. I think that's when we all looked around and said, "Wow, we really have something this year". We could tell we were going to be good, and that was really exciting to see.

Has there been an off-the-field moment that sticks out?



I know this sounds clichéd, but everything. I love my fellow outfielders, I love the camaraderie we have and the relationships we have built over the past three or four seasons. It's fun to joke with each other and turn jokes around on one another, because we have all grown so close and know each other so well.

What does it mean to be a part of a winning season in your final year at Nevada?

It means that we are making a difference here, and I have a part in that. It's rewarding, and makes me feel good about myself. These are our lives; this is where we build confidence in ourselves. Some people might be geniuses in other areas, but this is where we excel, this is where we leave our mark on this place. This is where you are a part of something.

From the beginning of this season, our coaches told us "Not only can we do this, not only can we win a championship, that's exactly what we are going to do." The confidence the four of them had in us is what started all of this, and it's what I'll take with me when I leave.

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