Pack Softball Senior Profile: Chelsea Venable

March 27, 2013

For each of the next five weeks, one Nevada senior softball player will be featured in a Wolf Pack Senior Profile. These question and answer sessions with the Nevada Media Services staff will center on the experience of a Nevada Softball player and the program’s change and improvement in recent seasons.

In one season at Feather River College, Chelsea Venable was a first-team All-American and the California State and Golden Valley Conference Player of the Year. The Las Vegas native came to Nevada in 2010. She is in her final season as a member of the Pack and is the first senior profile subject.

What is your favorite memory in your time at Nevada?

"My first home run, in Boise in 2011. The pitcher that was throwing to me was my club-ball pitcher. I had been catching her for the last seven years, so to hit one off her, in the moment was probably the best, or at the very least one of the best memories I’ve had.”

How about off the field?

"The team over the last couple of years has been the best thing about being here. We have gotten so close, and to have such a great group of girls really makes it easy to show up every day and do your best."

What has stood out to you about the team or the program as a whole so far this season?

"The improvements to the field. The addition of the new dirt in the infield has made the playing surface better. This is a personal one for me, but having coach (Josh) Taylor here has been great also. (Venable played for Taylor at Feather River College in 2010). He has added a new dynamic to our coaching staff that has helped us all a lot."

Which team-related events have been the most rewarding for you in your time at Nevada?

"Anything we do as a team is rewarding, but the meet-and-greet nights Alex’s (Hayes) mom has put on at the beginning of any season have been such great things to be a part of."



"To look back on pictures and spend that time with each other and getting to know everyone around the team, even doing things with teammates has been great. When a teammate and I go grab lunch or just hang out, that’s what I’ll remember the most. These aren’t just my teammates, they are my family."

Where do you see the program going in the next couple of years?

"This team is going straight to the top. I’ve seen such a huge improvement this season, and next year is going to be better, and so is the one after that."

What has your success on the field this year meant to that future?

"As seniors, we have shown the underclassmen and juniors what it takes to be successful, and they are just going to take that and run with it. They are going to do what they are doing this year for the rest of their careers."

What will the 2013 class leave as its legacy?

"Well, I can just say that it feels really good to be here now. Knowing that we started to have this kind of success this year, and that it’s just going to get better and better, it feels great."


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