Meet the Pack: Sophomore Guard Danika Sharp

Danika Sharp is in her sophomore season with Nevada

April 17, 2012

RENO, Nev. -

Name: Danika Sharp

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite time of year: Winter

Favorite place to eat in Reno: Miguels mexican

Most listened to song on I-pod: Human nature

If you were stranded on a desert island what is one belonging  you would most want: My Basketball

If a movie were made about your life, which actress would you want to portray you: Sandra Bullock

What would be the name of the movie that is about your life: Danika the Great

Biggest pet peeve: Being in a dirty environment

Biggest fear: Spiders

Favorite thing about living in Reno: Getting my education and playing basketball

Favorite thing about Coach Albright and her staff: They care

Favorite Athlete: Derron Williams

If you could change one thing about your game what would it be: My mental toughness

If you had three teammates to join a band with you who would they be and what would be your band name? (Arielle Wideman, Kelsey Kaelin, and Kate Kevorken) Danika’s Divas

Who do you think is the best dancer on the team: Amanda Johnson

How do you amuse yourself when you are bored: Crack Jokes

Favorite person to follow on twitter: Coach Kami Malnaa

Favorite TV show: The Young and the Restless

Who is the most competitive person on the team: Kayla Williams



If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy: Shelby Cobra Mustang

If you were a Ninja what would your ninja name be: Tekatokinika

Favorite place ever visited: Cancun

Most inspirational person in your life: My parents

One Word to describe you: Jokester

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