Men's Tennis Impressive in First Day at Pacific Tournament

STOCKTON, Calif. The Nevada men’s tennis team had a solid day in first day at the Pacific Fall Invitational.

The Wolf Pack won four doubles matches and won six of eight singles matches on the day.

In Flight A, Benjamin David beat Sonoma State’s Andy Muesse, 7-6 (4), 6-1.

In Flight B, the Pack had four victorious players as Guerin Smith, Augustin Myard, Alex Daruty and Gabe Kanzelmeyer each won their matches.

In Flight C, Antone Bulich won but Orion Ashmore and Cameron Spearman fell.

“Of our nine players, seven of them won and moved into the quarterfinals so it was a good day for the Wolf Pack,” third-year coach Chad Stoloff said. “I was really happy with Guerin and Alex in particular. Guerin came back from a set down and a break down to win. Alex beat a very good player from Saint Mary’s (Youssef El Boozkoori) and he worked hard for that match all the way through.”

The Nevada men’s doubles team of Benjamin David and Augstin Myard won a pair of matches. David and Myard, playing in the C Flight, topped Youssef El Boozkoori and Gerald Ellison of Saint Mary’s, 8-3. In round two, David and Myard won 8-6 over Daniel Elefant and Max Elins.

“I liked the way they played today,” Stoloff said. “They were very aggressive and got after it today.”

Laurent Garcin and Guerin Smith won their first round Flight A match, defeating Justin Garcia and Shaun Garcia of UC Davis 8-2 in the match. But the Nevada duo fell in round two to a team from Saint Mary’s.

In other doubles play, Alex Daruty and Cameron Spearman fell in the first round of the Flight B doubles, as did Antone Bulich and Gabe Kanzelmeyer. Daruty and Spearman rebounded to beat Henri Landes and Kevin Liang of UC Davis in round two, 8-6.


Pacific Invitational Singles Results Day One

Flight A Round of 16

Tu, Thong (USF), def. Garcia, Justin (UC Davis), 6-0; 6-1

Landes, Henry (UC Davis) def. Olsen, Connor (Sonoma St.), 6-4; 6-4

David, Benjamin (Nevada) def. Muesse, Andy (Sonoma State), 7-6(4); 6-1

Dvorak, Marek (St. Mary’s) def. Nachbauer, Rainer (USF), 4-6; 7-6(4); 6-2

Flight B Round of 16

Gonzalez, David (Pacific) def. Elefant, Dan (UC Davis), 6-1; 6-7(5); 7-6(7)

Smith, Guerin (Nevada) def. Lee, Tyler (UC Davis), 3-6; 7-6(4); 6-3

Myard, Augustin (Nevada) def. Heckley, Jeremy (Sonoma State), 6-3; 6-1

Daruty, Alex (Nevada) def. El Bouzkouri, Youssef (St. Mary’s), 6-0; 6-1

Kanzelmeyer, Gabe (Nevada) def. McNulty, Brett (Sonoma State), 6-4; 6-2

Veskimagi, Vegerd (Pacific) def. Hart, Einar (USF), 6-3; 6-4

Flight C Round of 16

Ellison, Jerry (St. Mary’s) def. Van Wagner, Brian (Pacific), 6-2; 6-0

Ching, Torin (USF) def. Ashmore, Orion (Nevada), 6-1; 6-2

Liang, Kevin (UC Davis) def. Spearman, Cameron (Nevada), 6-4; 3-6; 6-2

Bulich, Tony (Nevada) def. Bailey, Logan (Sonoma St.), 6-3; 4-6; 6-1

Garcia, Shaun (UC Davis) def. Welty, Matt (St. Mary’s), 6-3; 6-3

Vu, Quan (Sonoma St.) def. Elins, Max (UC Davis), 6-4; 6-0

Lee, Hunter (UC Davis) def. Emerson, Jeff (St. Mary’s), 6-2; 6-4

Flight A Doubles Round One:
McNulty / Muesse (Sonoma St.) def. Gramma / Veskimagi (Pacific), 8-6
Garcin / Smith (Nevada) def. Garcia / Garcia (UC Davis), 8-2
Dvorak / Kusnierz (St. Mary’s) def. Hart / Tu (USF), 8-2
Flight A Doubles Round Two:
Gramma / Veskimagi (Pacific) def. Garcia / Garcia (UC Davis), 9-8 (1)
Hart / Tu (USF) def. McNulty / Muesse (Sonoma St.), 8-2
Dvorak / Kusnierz (St. Mary’s) def. Garcin / Smith (Nevada), 8-6

Flight B Doubles Round One:
Christner / Zannoni (St. Mary’s) def. Daruty / Spearman (Nevada), 8-4
Cohen / Nachbauer (USF) def. Bulich / Kanzelmeyer (Nevada), 8-2
Bailey / Olsen (Sonoma St.) def. Landes / Liang (UC Davis), 8-2
Flight B Doubles Round Two:
Christner / Zannoni (St. Mary’s) def. Bulich / Kanzelmeyer (Nevada), 8-2
Daruty / Spearman (Nevada) def. Landes / Liang (UC Davis), 8-6
Cohen / Nachbauer (USF) def. Bailey / Olsen (Sonoma St.), 8-3

Flight C Doubles Round One:
Ching / Del Rosario (USF) def. Elefant / Elins (UC Davis), 8-6
David / Myard (Nevada) def. El Bouzkouri / Ellison (St. Mary’s), 8-3
Flight C Doubles Round Two:
El Bouzkouri / Ellison (St. Mary’s) def. Heckley / Vu (Sonoma St.), 8-6
David / Myard (Nevada) def. Elefant / Elins (UC Davis), 8-6

Flight D Doubles Round One:
Lee / Lee (UC Davis) def. Emerson / Welty (St. Mary’s), 8-2
Flight D Doubles Round Two:
Gonzalez / Van Wagner (Pacific) def. Emerson / Welty (St. Mary’s), 8-0



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