Men's Golf
Local Product Becher Roars to Superb Fall Success

By: Nick Saccomanno

Nevada senior golfer Jared Becher had a great summer in 2009, finishing second in a host of tournaments.  It was luke warm compared to his fall season at the University.

Becher finished inside the top 10 in each of the five events he participated in, and put up some impressive numbers in the process.

He currently ranks 14th in the country in scoring average at 70.74 strokes per round, fifth in subpar strokes per round and second in greens in regulation, hitting 80 percent of them in the allotted number of strokes.

"Last summer I hit balls for 8 to 10 hours a day, going through the whole bag," Becher said. "Then I'd play a few holes, see what I needed to work on and go back and do it again."

Belcher credited his success in the fall to those long summer practice sessions at Hidden Valley Country Club, along with work he did with Nevada Director of Golf Adam Pohll at the end of the last season.

"My bunker game has always been my downfall," Becher said. "Coach (Pohll) and I put a lot of time into that part of my game last year, and I think it has helped the tempo of my overall golf swing."

Pohll talked about the type of season Becher is having so far, and the fact that his astounding play has been a welcome surprise.

"I have never seen someone finish inside the top ten in five consecutive events in all my years of coaching," he said. "That is amazing consistency."

Becher is tied to golf in Northern Nevada in many ways, including the relationships he has made within the sport. 

A graduate of Reno High School, he played much of his junior golf at Washoe County Golf Course.  While learning the game there, he developed a close relationship with head professional Darin Menante.

"Darin is a very giving individual, in golf and in life," Becher said. "He has always looked out for me, and he still does."

Becher and Menante talk while the Wolf Pack are on the road, and work hand-in-hand during the offseason to improve his game.  Their relationship has extended beyond the golf course for many years.

“We have been working together for eight years now,” Menante said.  “We have a good bond, I understand him and he understands me.”


Among the most recent work the pair has done together, Menante talked about one specific technical drill that has helped Becher be the second most consistent ball striker in the entire country.

“His take away, leading to the club being in the same position at the top of his swing, is something we have really concentrated on,” Menante said.

The work Becher has done over the past year or so with Nevada Director of Golf Adam Pohll and swing coach Darin Menante has obviously paid off, but the work he had done on his own may have been the biggest factor in his early success this year.

“His work ethic has gotten better, that’s why he has gotten better,” Menante said.