New Mexico State vs. Nevada Quotes

New Mexico at Nevada

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2006


Nevada Head Coach Chris Ault

On the Game:

“We had a little bit of everything going on out there.  It’s really fun and exciting for us as coaches to get those young kids we wanted to see out on that field.  It’s really interesting to see how they respond.  We’re coming up to the end of the season and you really need bodies to be successful.”


On the Quarterback Nick Graziano’s Performance:

“Nick Graziano came in and did a real nice job.  I am excited to see the film and evaluate his performance.  Nick is a competitor and was very well prepared to play in this game.  He should have had some more time in the end of the game last week, and I have really regretted that decision.  With this offense, you have got to know it as the quarterback, and he proved he knew it well.”


On the Defense:

“I thought the defense played well.  New Mexico State is a vastly improved team and a good ball club.  There is no question that the defense has been putting some great pressure on the quarterbacks in the last couple of weeks.  The best pass defense is a good defensive pass rush, and with that the DB’s did great.  I thought the defense did a great job with giving the offense some very short fields, and was playing with great confidence.”


Nevada Player Quotes

Quarterback Jeff Rowe

On his play in the first half:

“I was real rusty, especially the first quarter.  I threw a couple bad balls but my reads were alright. The first quarter kind of bothered me; it is still bothering me now.”

On sitting the second half:

“We had a three touchdown lead and were fully confident in Travis (Moore) going at his best.  So it felt like the best idea was to sit”

On coming back from injury:

“We talked about it all week.  About staying at the level of speed I was comfortable running with.  I was about 90%”

On freshman QB Nick Graziano:

“He’s the future.  He’s going to be something else, just wait.”


Quarterback Nick Graziano

On the game:

“It was great to get some experience in there.  It was nice to get over a quarter of action and be able to run a lot of the offense. It was a great experience.”

On the game

“Now that the opportunity finally came, it’s a great relief to finally get some snaps and take part in a Wolf Pack victory.”            `

On entering the game

“I went out there feeling pretty good. I don’t get too nervous before games.  Going in after we had a lead and going in after preparing all week both helped.  I didn’t feel too nervous coming into the game.”

On the current quarterback position:

“I think Jeff is the guy and as soon as he’s 100% he will be able to take all the snaps.”


Linebacker Josh Mauga

On preparing for the game:

“We knew coming into the game that the defense was going to have to win the game.  We knew as a defense that we had to step it up and force turnovers and give the ball to the offense.”

On the defense:

“Right know we are realizing we are a better defense then we were at the beginning of the season.”

On the game:

“There is no better feeling than blowing out a team that has a very good offense.”


Safety Nick Hawthrone

On New Mexico State’s offense:

“Even with the starting quarterback out they are still an explosive offense because they run all the trick plays you have to respect.”

On his interception:

“It was a tipped ball and I broke on it fairly well.  It gave the ball back to the offense and we scored, that’s all I care about.”

On the defense’s progress during his career

“We’ve come a long way since I’ve been here.  When I first came in there wasn’t too many ups; it was down, then even, then down but no ups.  The last couple years have been fairly good.”



New Mexico State  head coach Hal Mumme:


On the injury to QB Chase Holbrook:

“He bruised his right hand in the first series, came off then took a heck of a shot in the ribs on the interception.  But the big injury came when he got speared in the back in the scramble.  He has a helmet sized bruise on his back.  I think he’ll be back next week.”


On if the hit to Holbrook was late:

“He was down in my opinion.”


On the team’s playmaking with QB Alex Gibson:

“(Having him in the game) limited us to three or four plays besides the run game.  We were limited, we tried to do some things but we threw two picks.”


On the defense:

“If they could have gotten a stop after Chase’s interception it would have helped.  They didn’t get a fair shot.  They are used to our offense keeping the ball.” 


New Mexico State Player quotes:


Linebacker Tim McManigal:


On the game:

“It was a tough loss, nothing about the game feels good.  We have to watch the film and see our mistakes.  I love being out on the field, if the offense turns it over I just get back on the field.”


On the defense’s  frustration:

“Some guys get frustrated, I don’t.  Good teams overcome things like that.  We’ve got to come up with more stops and hold teams to field goals.”


On QB Kyle Holbrook’s injury:

“He is our only quarterback with any experience.  Alex (Gibson) has talent but he needs experience and game time is an unfamiliar thing for him.”


On the offense:

“We can’t control anything on that side of the ball.”



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