Off the Field With Ryan Coulson

Like most nicknames the most appropriate is the one that, with his friends at least, stuck for Ryan Coulson.

It varies slightly, from "big 58" in honor of his jersey number, to "big Coulson" in honor of his 6'3 255 pound frame, but you get the idea.

With a newly appointed position of leadership this season, maybe there is something like "big captain" floating around the football locker room.

This is the Elk Grove, Calif. native's final year on the gridiron as a member of the Pack.  In his time at Nevada he has learned how to separate the intense pressure of collegiate athletics with the calming influence of family.

"I was home a lot this summer," he said.  "It was good to hear the dirt bikes and be around mom and dad."

As we highlighted last year, Coulson's parents (Susan and Brian) travel to each Wolf Pack home game, spreading their joy for the sport to everyone within an earshot.

"As much as I can, I'm home to spend time with them," Coulson said. "They have supported me non-stop since I got here...all I can really say is thank you."



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