Quotes from Chris Ault Press Conference

Selected Quotes from Football Coach Chris Ault’s Conference Call

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On facing Nebraska

“The great thing about playing Nebraska is that you don’t have to explain you are playing Nebraska. Their name speaks for itself. We’ve talked about the atmosphere already and the wonderful opportunity to play one of the storied programs in the country.”

On handling the atmosphere at Memorial Stadium

“That is one of the beauties of Nebraska football the homefield advantage they get. There is nothing in a bottle, that I know of, that helps you deal with that. So our interest is on keeping our focus on us. We can’t worry about their players or what offense or defense they are running. We have to keep the focus on what we do offensively and defensively.”

On the loss of linebacker Ezra Butler and center Dominic Green for this game

Those are veteran players and they are good kids. It is unfortunate. But what I have learned in this business is that when the flag drops, someone else has to pick it up. It is a great opportunity for these other kids who are going to get to play to show their character and find out where they fit in.”

On Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller

“We are very familiar from Keller from Arizona State {Nevada played ASU in 2006}. He is a veteran quarterback who has great experience and happens to be in a fine offensive scheme that fits him well. He has seen a lot of defenses and there is nothing that we can throw at him that will surprise him.”

On matching up with Nebraska

“They are so much more multiple. They are still a power football team so they are going to line up and you still have to stop the run. But they have so many more packages and they do so many things our of their packages. You have to be disciplined, defensively speaking.

“Offensively speaking, if you are going to move the ball on them, you have to be sound in what you do.”

On Nevada’s quarterback situation

“It’s really been fun. They are both very good athletes and very intelligent young men. Neither one has much experience. They are certainly our future and they are both going to play. I think (sophomore Nick) Graziano just has a little bit better grasp of the offense that (redshirt freshman Colin) Kaepernick. At the end, that is probably what seperated him.”



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