Travel day to Florence for the Wolf Pack

There was dancing in the streets of Florence today.

Aug 16, 2013

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FLORENCE, Italy -  The University of Nevada men's basketball team and those traveling with the group slept in a little longer on Friday morning before getting on the bus for a five hour drive to Florence, Italy.  Most slept, listened to music or read a book to pass the time.

The group made one pit stop along the way for a bathroom break and chance to get a few snacks.  These are always interesting to see what is purchased.  One individual had bacon flavored crackers and one player was seen eating what looked like a turkey leg.  Some stayed within their comfort zone eating M&M's and coke.

Upon arriving at the team hotel it was free time the rest of the day to explore the area and local sites near the hotel.  The players quickly scrambled to their rooms for a nap and then off to eat something.  Other than gelato, pizza seems to be the food of choice, the players don't seem too adventurous to try a food total away from the norm.

Some of the sites within walking distance of the hotel were grand church that was stumbled on by many in the party.  There was dancing in the streets and some of the players decided to join but unfortunately no photos were taken to verify the event.

An early night for a change, for most, before a long day of sightseeing on Saturday.  When traveling in a foreign country its always interesting to see what the next day will bring.




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