Men's basketball tours Venice

The Nevada men's basketball team visited Venice, Italy on Thursday.

Aug 15, 2013

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VENICE, Italy -  After a late night on Thursday when the University of Nevada men's basketball team defeated Arese-Coma 99-57 in Milan, Italy to improve to 2-0 on the trip the Wolf Pack were on the road again early on Thursday morning at 7:30 a.m.  The Pack traveled to Venice for a day of sightseeing and learning more about the beautiful cities in Italy, the culture and history.  Venice is known as a city built on the water.

After a nearly four hour bus ride the team arrived at a location where the water taxis transport you to Venice.  On the walk to the pier the first purchase of the day was made by sophomore Marqueze Coleman who bought a captains hat, at least he did not attempt to drive the boat.  It was an extremely hot day and he later tried to turn his long pants into capris in an attempt to stay cool.  Our boat was a little late as the driver was stopped for speeding on the way to pick us up.  The ride took about 20 minutes and we passed a very large and nice yacht along the way.

Upon stepping off the boat we were met by our tour guide who handed out radios the group used to hear him provide us information about the various sites.  It was hard for some members of the party to wear the red lanyard that supported the radio but we made it work.

We headed off to Saint Mark's square to tour a building that at one time housed the leader of Venice along with the justice system.  We also walked through the prison that was located just over a canal from where the accused were judged. 

The final big stop in the area was St. Mark's Church where he was buried.   The saint's body was stolen from Alexandria in an elaborate scheme and placed in the church.  A grand church and you were not allowed to take photos inside.  Two of the ladies in our party that were wearing shorts were asked to cover their legs while in the church.  For one euro a cover was provided.  Several of the ladies within the church were wearing them to cover legs and shoulders that were not deemed appropriate for the church.

Early buildings of education also surrounded the square.  The crowded square had visitors from all countries and numerous languages were being spoken.

Following the guided portion of the tour the party headed in various directions to see the sights of the city.  Some opted for a gondola ride on one of the many canals while others searched out a special place to eat.  With all the other historical sites and many shops there was plenty to do until departing.

Even in Italy it is still a small world.   Head coach David Carter talked with a former coach he worked with that was now with a tour company.  He was leading the Clemson men's basketball team on their trip to Italy.  Several members of the Wolf Pack ran into friends that play for the Penn men's basketball team just before we left for our boat ride back to the team bus.  This makes the number of basketball teams that the Nevada group has encountered to four.  The Florida State and Colorado women were at Lake Como yesterday.

After returning to the bus we headed back to the team hotel and made a stop along the way for some dinner.  If you are wondering there was plenty of gelato consumed once again by the group.

Tomorrow the team checks out of the hotel in Milan and travels to Florence for a day of sightseeing.  The Pack will stay in Florence for a couple of days before busing to Rome.










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