Wolf Pack basketball team visits Duomo Church in Milan

The University of Nevada men's basketball team takes a photo outside Duomo Church in Milan, Italy.

Aug. 12, 2013

Photo Gallery: Day One in Milan

MILAN, Italy - After a long day of travel that started with a 4:50 a.m. departure on Sunday morning from campus, the University of Nevada basketball team arrived in Milan, Italy at 9:30 a.m. local time on Monday. The Wolf Pack traveled from Reno to Salt Lake then on to Atlanta before getting on the final flight of nine hours to Milan.

Most of the players slept during the long flight while others watched movies or listened to their favorite music. Getting sleep is not always easy when you are taller than the average man.

While waiting for the bags to be unloaded most in the travel group decided to exchange their United States currency for the Euro. This would be a key decision down the road as most were looking forward to a good Italian meal, shopping and the always desirable gelato.

Upon arrival the team was met by United States trip guide Maury Hanks who along with our local Italian guide Marco put us all on a bus headed for the Duomo Church. It was time for the Pack to experience some new culture in a foreign country. As Maury informed the group after we arrived at the church that the Duomo is one of the three most famous churches in the world. The team posed for a photo outside prior to entering.

After walking through the church the team was given four hours to see the sights of downtown Milan. Most opted for lunch and several gelatos prior to seeing the rest of the sights in the area.

Worn out after just a few hours the team started to congregate near the meeting point in hopes of an early departure for the team hotel but it was not in the cards as not all members of the traveling party were ready to leave. After the gang was all assembled it was a four to six block walk to the bus.

The drive to the team hotel took much longer than expected and it was a quiet ride as everyone was tired and most slept after the exhausting day of sightseeing on a hot and humid day. After arriving at the hotel most rushed to their rooms for a shower and few minutes on the bed. The bus took us off once again at 7 p.m. to another part of downtown Milan and one last meal before retiring for the night. It was also another chance for gelato. Just ask Deonte Burtonwho was able to put down four scoops on one cone. Lucky for Burton he will burn it off on Tuesday when the Pack plays its first game at 9 p.m. local time. Late start but should allow for a well rested squad.

Thanks to Maury and Marco for making the first day of the 10-day trip easy and fun. These two are going to be more and more valuable as the time in Italy continues.



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