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Nevada Sports Medicine At-A-Glance

The University of Nevada athletic trainers and medical staff play a major role in maintaining the health and physical well-being of all Nevada student athletes. The staff is committed to the prevention, evaluation, care and rehabilitation of injuries while working with personnel in physical therapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

The Sports Medicine department is part of the E.L. Cord Academic and Athletic Performance Center on the Nevada campus. This facility houses the Wolf Pack athletic training staff which consists of six full-time certified athletic trainers (ATCs), three graduate assistants (ATCs), and a number of student athletic trainers.

The Sports Medicine department provides medical care and treatment to more than 430 Pack athletes representing 16 sports. The athletic training facility is a state of the art 5,175 square foot facility. The athletic trainers have access to some of the best technology available with a half-million dollar aquatic therapy room with two in ground plunge pools and a multi-depth therapy and exercise pool capable of accommodating multiple athletes at the same time while working on separate rehabilitation programs. The facility also boasts a separate functional rehabilitation area, ice/wet room and storage facilities.

The athletic training staff is led by Kevin Kikugawa, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and includes associate athletic trainer Jay Henke and an athletic trainer to be determined, and assistant athletic trainers Jessica Gaubatz, Jeremy Cobb, and Dominique Farris.

Dr. Arthur Islas is the Wolf Pack's team physician, Director of the UNSOM Sports Medicine Fellowship program. He works closely with dozens of community partners to provide world class medical care to Nevada's student athletes. The list of the community partners and fellowship faculty starts with the athletic training room's next door neighbor, the Nevada Physical Therapy clinic.

The Nevada Physical Therapy clinic is an outpatient physical therapy clinic staffed with six registered physical therapists, four ATC's and other staff to provide health care and rehabilitation services.

In addition, the Wolf Pack has access to two excellent orthopedic sports medicine groups in town: Great Basin Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgical Associates.

Physician consultants for the Wolf Pack include Dr. Chris Dolan, Dr. Travis Kieckbush, and Dr. Rick Mullins of Great Basin Orthopedics alongside Dr. Hilary Malcarney of Nevada Orthopedics. These well-respected physicians provide comprehensive orthopedic surgery services.

Dr. Donald Huene of Orthopedic Surgical Associates is the orthopedic hand specialist for the Wolf Pack

Nevada Sports Medicine Community Partners

  • Great Basin Orthopedics
  • Nevada Orthopedics
  • Orthopedic Surgical Associates-Dr. Huene
  • Sierra Regional Spine Institute
  • Northern Nevada Cardiology
  • UNR Campus Pharmacy
  • UNR Student Health Center
  • Dr. Scott Hall UNSOM Family Medicine/Sports Medicine
  • Dr. Todd Fountain UNR Student Health Center
  • Dr. Cheryl Hug-English UNR Student Health Center
  • Dr. Cathy Endo UNR Student Health Center
  • Dr. Yeggy Miller UNR Student Health Center
  • Dr. Chris Mathis UNR Student Health Center
  • UNSOM Family Medicine Center
  • UNSOM Center for Nutrition and Metabolic
  • Disorders-Maureen Molini
  • Dr. Yani Dickens (UNR Sports Psychology)
  • Reno Radiological Associates-Dr. James Welch
  • Dr. C. Craig Karrasch (Podiatry)
  • Dr. Tracy Giambrone (Podiatry)
  • Dr. Merle Bruce (Otolaryngology)
  • Dr. Matthew Mills (Ophthalmology)
  • Dr. Alison Westfall (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
  • Dr. Michael Song (Neurosurgery)
  • Dr. Michael Lucia (Pulmonology)
  • Dr. Malin Prupas (Rheumatology)
  • Dr. Frieda Hulka (Western Surgical Group)
  • Nevada Physical Therapy
  • Tahoe Truckee Medical Group
  • Dr. Bradford Lee (Emergency Medicine)
  • Dr. Ron Hicks (Family Medicine/Sports Medicine)
  • Dr. Andrew Pasternak (Family Medicine/Sports Medicine)
  • Dr. Nina Winans (Family Medicine/Sports Medicine)
  • Dr. Amy Llewellyn (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
  • Dr. Jeff Angermann (Exercise Physiology and Sports Performance)
  • Family Eyecare Associates
  • Dr. Kenneth Vaughn (Dentistry)
  • Sala Family Dentistry
  • Saint Mary's
  • Dr. Mark Michitsch and Dr. Dan Rowan (Eye Zone)
  • Dr. Randall Iwasiuk (Endodontics)
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Men's Basketball

The University of Nevada men’s basketball team captured the Mountain West regular season and tournament titles finishing 28-7.  The Wolf Pack played in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in a decade.


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