A critical component of the overall mission of the University of Nevada Intercollegiate Athletics programs is a strong commitment to rules compliance as established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and the University of Nevada. Nevada will comply with the rules and regulations of those organizations in the conduct of its intercollegiate athletics programs. Our program educates and monitors staff, coaches, student-athletes and representatives of athletics interests to assure compliance.

At Nevada, compliance oversight is accomplished via the Athletic Director, a compliance team, and a designated Coordinator of Compliance. To maintain a system of checks and balances, two members of the compliance team's four-person executive committee have reporting lines directly to the University's President. The Coordinator of Compliance handles the majority of the daily compliance functions, with the compliance team reviewing those functions and focusing on education and strategic planning. The Athletic Director has the responsibility for the conduct of Nevada's Intercollegiate Athletics program.

The Compliance Team is made up of eight members, including the Associate Athletic Director/Senior Women Administrator (SWA), Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services, Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), Coordinator of Compliance, Associate Director of Admissions and Records, Director of Student Financial Services, Manager of Student Accounts in the Controller's Office, and the Chair of the Intercollegiate Athletics Board.

This team has general oversight responsibility for compliance of the rules and regulations of the NCAA for the University of Nevada. The primary purpose of NCAA and WAC regulations is the creation of a level playing field among all NCAA member institutions.

Each NCAA member institution is responsible for self-compliance. The NCAA maintains a system for responding to membership inquiries, investigating alleged and self-reported violations, and determining actions to be taken for proven violations. This task involves all within the athletics department and its student-athletes, faculty and staff members. Beyond the University's immediate community are alumni, donors, boosters and friends, who collectively are referred to as representatives of athletics interest. The NCAA rules also extend to the activities of those in this category. Thus, Nevada's compliance efforts include assuring that all groups are aware of and staying in compliance with NCAA rules.

Nevada's primary tool of NCAA rules and regulations implementation is an education program. The compliance team maintains a pro-active role in educating athletics department employees, coaches, student-athletes, university faculty and staff and representatives of athletics interest.

The FAR bears the responsibility for self-reporting actual or potential violations. A series of checks, balances, reporting and monitoring are in place to alert the compliance team to the possibility of problems. A time-proven process is in place for the initial internal investigation of self-discovered violations. The FAR must also investigate allegations made by sources outside of the team's everyday control.

The University of Nevada Compliance program strives to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship and to ensure that the University will remain in full compliance with all NCAA and WAC requirements. These goals are fully supported by the University administration and Intercollegiate Athletics.

For more information, please contact:
Sandra L. Niedergall, Compliance Services
Legacy Hall/264
University of Nevada
Reno, NV 89557
775-784-6900, ext. 232

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2016-17 Moment of the Season

Women's Softball

The Nevada softball team qualified for the Postseason NISC
Tournament, marking the first time since the 2009 season the Wolf
Pack has received a postseason berth. In its opening round game against UCSB, Nevada found itself down five runs before storming
back and winning the game in the bottom of the seventh with a
walk-off home run. The next day, the Pack climbed out of another
five-run deficit to defeat Pacific and advance to the regional championship game. 


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