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Prospective Student-Athletes

The Basics

Prospective Student-Athlete 
You become a "prospective student-athlete" when you start ninth-grade classes. Before the ninth grade, you become a prospective student-athlete if a college gives you (or your relatives or friends) any financial aid or other benefits that the college does not provide to prospective students generally.

**EXCEPTION, Men's Basketball: In men's basketball, for purposes of the tryout rule and the regulations related to camps and clinics, to specify that a prospective student-athlete is an individual who has started classes for the seventh grade. 

Recruited Prospective Student-Athlete
You become a "recruited prospective student-athlete" at a particular college if any coach or representative of the college's athletics interests (booster or representative) approaches you (or any member of your family) about enrolling and participating in athletics at that college. Activities by coaches or boosters that cause you to become a recruited prospective student-athlete are:

  • Providing you with an official visit
  • Placing more than one telephone call to you or any other member of your family
  • Visiting you or any other member of your family anywhere other than the college campus
  • Please note that coaches are NOT allowed to return your call until after July 1 (except football and basketball) prior to you senior year in high school. However, you may call the coach at your expense anytime. A coach may not write or email you until September 1 of your junior year in high school, but you may write them at anytime. **Click here for specific information regarding football and men's and women's basketball**

Official Visit: A visit to a college campus paid in whole or part by the college during a prospect's senior year in high school. Official visits can be no longer than 48 hours. A prospect is limited to five official visits (one per university). A prospect must submit a transcript and test score before coming to campus.

Unofficial Visit: A visit to a college campus at a prospect's expense. Colleges may only provide free tickets to an on-campus athletics event. No lodging, meals or transportation to campus may be provided. There are no limits on the number of unofficial visits a prospect may take.

Recruiting Contact: Any face-to-face, off-campus encounter between a prospect, prospect's parents, relatives or legal guardians and a college staff employee or athletic booster; if the conversation goes beyond a greeting.

Recruiting Evaluation: Any off-campus activity designed to assess a prospect's academic qualification or athletic ability. (Review of academic transcript or watch practice/game).

Common Links for Prospects

The links and contact information below are resources for prospective student-athletes to access when planning for college.

New NCAA Academic Requirements (as of 2016)

NCAA's Guide to College Bound Student-Athlete
Information for incoming student-athletes regarding important dates, test scores and other information for incoming student-athletes.
NCAA's Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

Information about how to be sucessful in both academics and athletics during your collegiate career.

NCAA Eligibility Center
Information for high school students giving a timeline each year of what needs to be completed in high school to be eligible for collegaite competition.
Phone: 877/262-1492

University of Nevada Admissions & Prospective Students
Information for prospective students, including freshmen and transfer students.
Phone: 775-784-4700

University of Nevada Catalog
Information about the University of Nevada catalog and course schedules.

Millennium Scholarship
Information on the Millennium Scholarship for those students who have graduated from a Nevada high school and meet certain GPA requirements.

University of Nevada Financial Aid
Information about what types of financial aid are offered at the University of Nevada.

Phone: 866-756-7346

Phone: 319-337-1313 

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

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