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We know that the future includes broadcasting live sporting events whenever possible. For the past several years, the University of Nevada has been showing games online (on a site we named so out of town fans, parents of athletes, and just about anyone else can watch games that they're unable to make it to here in Reno. The broadcasts came as part of a package that cost around $10/month or $80/year. We didn't like that it cost anything, but it was something we didn't have a whole lot of choice on at the time.

How to watch

When we moved to the Mountain West in the summer of 2012, the conference office talked about launching a better service that schools would be a part of. I was just going to take a little time to get it off the ground. As the spring of 2013 hit us, the discussion became serious and the conference announced to us that beginning in the fall, we'd be running with the new Mountain West Network.

Back in August we launched a completely renewed As pointed out by the Reno Gazette-Journal's Chris Murray, the updated productions feature high definition broadcasts, multiple camera angles that are manned positions, meaning someone is there to move them, and on-screen graphics with clocks, when necessary, and score bugs. Without question, it has been a major upgrade in what we are able to give to our fans.

And the best part: it's completely free.

Since its inception, our goal for Nevada's participation in the Mountain West Network has been to show anything and everything we can. And we have done so. We showed every home volleyball match with one exception this season, every home soccer match, one home football game and have shown every home men's and women's basketball game so far. We also broadcast weekly press conferences by Coach Polian and Coach Carter postgame press conferences for football and men's basketball (we even were able to show several press conferences at road football games when the stadium internet connectivity allowed us to do so). All told, there have been over 70 events that we have broadcast. Each event then becomes part of an online, watchable archive so you don't have to miss a thing.

When the Pack is on the road, just about every conference game is also shown on the Mountain West Network. If it's not otherwise on television, it should be online, giving all fans in the Mountain West access to league-wide action.

In addition to being able to bring all of this to our fans, we have also been able to play a role in the mission of the university by acting as a learning environment for broadcast journalism students. Currently, we have eight students who participate in the productions. And they're not just taping things down and making coffee, either. Students run cameras, direct cameras, produce the broadcasts and run graphics. A couple have even tried their hand at some play by play. In short, the students are given some training on the job and they run the show.

Our hope in this area is to build a lasting partnership with the Reynolds School of Journalism, which would enable us to continue to offer a huge number of events while also giving students practical, real-world experience in broadcast production.

The experience for Nevada at this point has been a positive one. We're able to bring a lot of games to our fans while also improving the quality of what's associated with our name. We're also able to help students along the way with their education. We hope you'll help us out by watching and rotting Nevada on whether at home or on the road.

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