Recovery is Key After a Soccer Match

The University of Nevada soccer team battled Boise State to a 1-0 win in its quarterfinal match at the 2012 Mountain West Soccer tournament last night. Freshman Daisha Jones-Oglesby scored the game winning goal with five minutes left in regulation.

The team is gearing up for its semifinal match on Friday against New Mexico by using the day to recover. The squad spent some time in the pool doing some light training this morning. After lunch, the team will spend some time together at the movies. The three choices of the day are "Argo", "Taken 2", and "Paranormal Activity 4". Film on New Mexico will be broken down later, followed by a team dinner and ice baths before bed.

Check out highlights of the Pack's 1-0 win over Boise State below.

Nevada vs. Boise State Highlights

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