Nevada Swimming and Diving Works the "Tough Mudder"

Tough Mudder 3 Re-Sized.jpg

Head coach Abby Steketee offers her thoughts on a wild weekend at the Tough Mudder at the Northstar Ski Resort. On Saturday, all of Nevada's swimming and diving student-athletes worked the event, generating funds for the program and helping out members of the community in the process.

"We worked in various capacities from registration to checking bags and cheering on the participants at obstacles. The event had nearly 15,000 participants (many dressed in costume) and the day was long and dusty. However, everyone had a great time helping the racers and learning about on of the craziest endurance events in the country," she said.

A force in the community, Nevada swimming and diving continues to have a strong presence at events such as the Tough Mudder.

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